1. What is my spotbook?

Your spotbook is made up of albums, either public or private at your convenience.

Each of your albums is made up of spots, i.e. places you have been or you'd like to visit and you want to memorize:

  - official establishments (restaurants, hotels, shops, museums, parks, monuments, ...)

  - personal places (not listed)



You create your albums, you name them according to your interests and the classification you want to organize.



Each spot corresponds to a « spot sheet » with the spot information:





A web link to the article of your choice, allowing you to connect the spot to an Instagram post, an article, a web page ...


2. What is the difference between IN MY SPOTBOOK and IN MY FOLLOWING LIST ?

At any time you can slide between 2 tabs:


You are here in your spotbook, these are your albums and your spots.


You see spots or albums from your following list


3. How to save a spot? How to create a spot?

You can create a spot in 5 different ways:

A/ Register your current location

Click on « add spot » on the menu bar

Take a photo of your current place

And let Spotbook guide you through 4 very short steps to save the spot.

B/ Save a spot from a magazine

Click on « add spot » on the menu bar

Take a picture of this document (magazine article, book page, note, poster ...)

And let Spotbook guide you through the 4 very short steps to save the spot.

C/ Save a spot from a website

Use the icon « share button » of your browser on your IPhone

Select the Spotbook icon

And let Spotbook guide you through the 4 very short steps to save the spot.

D/ Copy a spot from another spotbook

Select « in my following list » to display spots from your following list

Click then on the (+) icon at the top left of each spot in order to save this spot

E/ Use my photo library to create a new spot

When you are about to take a picture, click on the library icon to open your photo library.


4. How to save a spot from my desktop?

If you're visiting a webpage on your desktop browser and if you want to save a spot from this webpage, just send the web link to yourself by mail. Then, from your mobile phone, check this mail and open the corresponding web page, in order to use the « share button » .


5. What are the different categories of spots?

You can save spots from different categories:


restaurants, café, bars, pubs 



other public places

Just a spot to remember (not an establishment)

... a picnic spot

... a beach you would like to revisit,

... a view from a hill or a moutain,

... the gates of an ancient city,

... the rarest graffiti in Berlin or São Polo.


6. How to search a spot by name?

Go to the menu "near by" and in the search field, enter the name of the spot you're looking for. You may find the result in your spotbook or in your following list.


7. How to search for a spot idea in Berlin or London?

Go to the menu "near by" and in the search field, enter the name of city. 


8. How to find a spot?

You have 2 ways to find a spot:


Click in the menu "near by" you will see the spots around your current position. You can also change the location to search around another address


Click in "albums" menu, you'll see your albums or those from your following list. You can then search by album name, city, name from your following list.


9. What is the use of the "Add a link to a post" field in the spot sheet?

If you want to memorize a web page related to the spot (an article, a blog post, a website, a conversation thread ....), you can copy the address of this page in this field. By clicking on the yellow arrow icon ,you will be redirected to this web page.

By using the share button from a webpage, the field will be filled automatically with the web page's link.

You can keep it, delete it or replace it with another web link.


10. The share button does not work ! How can I then create my spot?

It is possible that the share button can not get all the permissions to transfer pictures directly from any web page to spotbook app.

In this case we advise you to take a screenshot. Then, in the app, you can add this spot by using the screen shot from your photo library.


11. How to add a friend to my following list?

In «MY PROFILE » click on « MY FOLLOWING LIST » and then search for a name or city in the search field.


12. Do people who subscribe to me see all my spots?

The albums you create are public or private: it's up to you. You can also change the status of an album at any time (from private to public or from public to private).

A spot classified in a public album is visible to people who are subscribing to you.

A spot classified in a private album is invisible to the people who are subscribing to you.


13. How can I refuse users subscribing to my spotbook?

For now, spotbook users, creating public albums, make it accessible to all users of the app.


14. A friend does not have the spotbook app, but he would like to know my spots, my addresses, how does he do it?

It's possible to communicate your albums to your friends by sharing them via the «WEB-DISPLAY» (in « MY PROFILE »).

Your friends will receive an email with a link to your album.


15. How do I edit my profile?

Your profile is created from your Facebook registration. Your name, your place of reference and your photo in the app are the ones filled in Facebook.

At this time, your profile information is linked to Facebook, but we are working to provide you with a special spotbook profile. Registering with a personalized account will be possible in a future update.


16. I am an influencer, journalist, ... I would like my spotbook to refer to my blog, or my articles, how to proceed?

The spot you create is linked to your recommendation from your site, your blog or Instagram.

If a user is following your spotbook, he/she will then be redirected to your media.


17. How to edit an album? 

To to edit an album,

- Go to « albums / IN MY SPOTBOOK »,

- select the album to edit,

- click on the pencil (edit) of the album

You can change the album name, its private or public status.


18. How do I delete an album?

To delete an album,

- go to « ALBUMS / IN MY SPOTBOOK »,

- select the album to edit

- click on the pencil (change)

- click on the trash can

By deleting an album, you will permanently delete all the spots that are only in this album.


19. How to move a spot from one album to another?

To change the classification of a spot:

- go to the spot sheet,

- click on the button (°°°) (spot assignment to albums)

- The list of your albums appears: you uncheck or check albums according to new albums where you want to assign the spot.

- Do not forget to save these changes.


20. How do I delete a spot from an album?

To remove a spot from an album:

- go to the spot sheet,

- click on the button (°°°) (spot assignment to albums)

- The list of your albums appears: you just uncheck the album from where you want to remove the spot.

- Then save changes to your rating. The spot will disappear from the unselected album.


21. How do I remove a spot from my spotbook?

To remove a spot:

- go to the spot sheet

- click on the button (°°°) (spot assignment to albums)

- click on the trash,

The spot will disappear from all your albums in your spotbook.


22. One of my spots disappeared - what happened?

One possibility is that you probably deleted the or all the albums where this spot was located.


23. An error message appears « Error during your geolocation » I can not create a spot.

The geo-location service may temporarily have a problem. We constantly test it and we try our best to make sure that the inconvenience lasts for as short a time as possible.

We advise you to quit and restart the app.


24. How to contact us?

You would like to contact us, to let us know of a suggestion, feature requests, something you need, a question, a problem, something you don't understand ...

Write us at: contact@spotbook.co